Colacril a Brand of Colavene S.p.a

Since 1992 Colacril has been manufacturing products in line with the rapid evolution of the bathroom environment. The collections include mini-pools, cascade tubs, tubs (with or without whirlpool), crystal shower cubicles, multifunctional cabins, “combined” shower / steam cubicle systems, shower columns, walls equipped for the bathroom up to the marble resin shower trays and acrylic. Colacril manufactures its lines in the factories of Civita Castellana (VT) using fine sanitary acrylic.

The four souls of Colavene Spa

In addition to producing furniture and washbasins branded Colavene, the company offers a wide range of bathroom furniture solutions thanks to sanitary ware made of high-quality AXA ceramicsColacril whirlpools and Tamanaco multifunctional shower stall.

With the acquisition of the three companies, Colavene Spa is now a leader in the practical and functional furnishing of any environment.

Since 2005

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