Freestanding bathtubs – Polymineral

POLYMINERAL (SOLID SURFACE) is a solid and resistant material, but at the same time extremely ductile. It allows to obtain practically invisible joints of the tanks and to be used together with the most common metals and metal alloys, such as aluminum. It is hygienic, pleasant to the touch and allows you to carry out projects with an elaborate design. Odorless and tasteless, it is biologically pure and suitable for contact with food, so much so that it is considered the most hygienic of the coating materials. For this reason and for its characteristics of sturdiness and durability it is already used in work surfaces, in public environments, banks, medical offices, airports.

Freestanding bathtubs – Acrylic

Acrylic is among the synthetic materials most used for bathtubs. It is also the most suitable material as it is rich in features that optimize the bathroom experience, it is in fact pleasant to the touch, warm, non-porous, therefore easy to clean (just use a damp cloth or, for stubborn dirt, mixed with a common dish soap) and, last but not least, antibacterial. It transmits a pleasant sensation of pleasure to the touch, guarantees efficient thermal insulation. The heat of the water does not disperse and remains constant over time.

Thanks to its shine, it can be combined with ceramic sanitary ware for a harmonious bathroom decor. Sanitary acrylic has a uniform color and is resistant to UV rays. It does not yellow over time. Another element in favor of this material is given by the fact that in case of scratches it can be smoothed and polished thanks to the special kits provided by Colacril, which allow the restoration of the original shine of the product.